Using survey results to determine our demographics, we found that:
We developed the following personas based on our survey and general market research information.
Torrie is a nurse practitioner who lives in Seattle. She is 33 and has a salary of 107K.

She is generally confused about the whole green cleaning thing and will recycle when it is convenient. She is willing to try new things if she reads good reviews or hears about them by word of mouth. She knows about sustainability and would be willing to pay a little more for green cleaning products especially if they are easy to purchase and use.
“I wish there could be something tangible about green cleaning to make me feel like I’m actually making a difference”
Michael is an airline pilot who lives in Seattle. He is 60 and has a salary of 200K.

He does not get the green cleaning thing, but he does want his kids to be safe when they are around cleaning products. He recycles as best he can and knows about sustainability. He notices changes in climate over the last decade and is frustrated by people who leave trash all over.‍
“I wish green cleaning products were as tough as traditional products and safe for my family’s health”
Clean Bee Brand
We wanted a brand story that would be relatable to both the environment and the idea of a clean safe home. In our brainstorming and competitive research, we came upon the six-sided hexagon shape. It was natural for us to think of bees after that.
What About Bees?
Bees are amazing creatures that everyone is familiar with. They are great examples of some of our most influential social mental models.
Bees, as pollinators, are a vital link to a healthy food chain 
Bees are social and live in colonies
Bees are hard workers
Bees are meticulously clean to protect their colonies
Why Bees?
Bees give us four aspects that frame the Clean Bee brand story:
SYMBOLISM: Health of the environment
CONNECTION: Visuals of charismatic bees connect to the audience
TRUST: Clean Bee's commitment to a cause
EMPOWER: Customers can take action and make a difference
Creating Our North Star
Taking the needs and ideals of our target audience we created a Mission (North Star) Statement that would keep us focused and on track for the rest of the project.

Clean Bee believes that you shouldn't have to compromise when deciding between a product that is safe for both your family and the environment and one that is effective. By providing a cleanser with non-toxic ingredients that are just as powerful as other non-green competitors and an easy no-waste refillable system, we make it easy to go green.
Clean Bee Brand Pillars
Safe and worry-free ingredients
Commitment to the environment
Convenient and easy to use
We crafted a clean feeling moodboard reminiscent of green and growing things with colors that soothe and comfort. It gave us the visual language that inspired our packaging and marketing campaign.
Empowering The User
With the initial branding decided, it was time to create the connection between bees and our target audience. We know that most are concerned with the environment but don't always feel like they can make a difference. Clean Bee can provide the user with a great eco-conscious product and also supports wild bee habitats.
The Clean Bee Differentiator
Native bees are efficient pollinators of both wild and cultivated plant life. While they are vulnerable to the loss of native habitat, we can easily help these bees by growing plants that are part of their regional ecosystem. 
Clean Bee:
Supports the Xerces Society with a portion of its profits
Created Scents Inspired by regional plants and flowers favored
by native bees
Includes with Every Unboxing, a special paper impregnated with flower seeds specific to the user's region that can be planted
Has Dedicated a portion of its home page to educating and informing users about the plight of native bees
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